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Who we are

Hello teachers and students from all places!

We are "Escola do Max", a bilingual (Portuguese and English) school located in Sao Paulo/Brazil. We are looking forward...


Developing language skills and getting to know other cultures

Cultural exchange. That's what Escola do
Max's students have.
Through Global Gateway, a program that provides the students an opportunity to communicate with other peoples, our


About the Global Gateway

The Global Gateway has been running for four years and it has registered more than 20.000 schools...



Pedagogical proposal

Escola do Max, careful about the changes in our society, has developed an innovative pedagogic project that goes beyond the traditional methodology. This lifelike methodology...


Lifelike Pedagogy

Using freedom of choice and search for happiness as its basis, the Lifelike Pedagogy developed itself to allow life to enter the classrooms through all the possible ways.

Connecting the school to the world, the students are...


Skills development

Leadership (We help children to develop leadership, whether when they want to pull the friends for a game or to organize the group for an activity).

Creativity (Liberty to create complex projects, find solutions...


Bilingual Education

Nowadays, everybody knows how important it is to speak English and, therefore, the Lifelike student must be able to do it.

At Escola do Max, the second language is taught...


The lifelike projects

The methodology applied at Escola do Max motivates the students and brings along some meaning with the knowledge. The child needs to want to learn and to understand why the activity is being done. For this reason, the methodology follows some steps:

  1. The children democratically choose what they want to learn.
  2. Children raise questions and hypothesis towards the theme they've chosen
  3. Together with the teacher, the children start searching about their project.
  4. They decide a conclusion activity, which is the main point of the project. It can be a trip, an event, whatever they decide.
  5. The children develop several activities in order to reach their goal.
  6. The children achieve their conclusion.

In order to understand the development...


Spend some time with us

If you are an educator, please visit us (link to where we are) here in Brazil and you can get to know our methodology better. We would love to exchange experiences and...


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