Developing language skills and getting to know other cultures

Cultural exchange. That's what Escola do Max's students have.

Through Global Gateway, a program that provides the students an opportunity to communicate with other peoples, our children are having the chance to interact with students from all over the world and, thus, develop their language skills.

But the language, in this case, is only a tool for their greatest achievement with this project: this opportunity enriches the children's worldview.

The chance to get in touch with different people allows them to discover how diverse the world is and that they must respect this diversity and learn with it. The children get in touch with people at their same age and discover their interests, needs, hobbies, manners, etc., and they learn how to be respectful, especially because, even on diversity, they find out they can be equal.

As important as that is, the children can also develop great friendship with these pen-pals.


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