Pedagogical proposal

Escola do Max, careful about the changes in our society, has developed an innovative pedagogic proposal that goes beyond the traditional methodology. This lifelike methodology is focused on raising children above the average and it will allow children to develop some skills that will help them to reach the top of their chosen careers.

The pedagogical project developed and used at Escola do Max has the objective of raising children with high capacity of understanding the world around and the people surrounding. It starts when children have the opportunity to choose what they want to learn, and the teacher teaches the pedagogic objectives inserted in the themes the children have chosen. This way, all the pedagogic contents are going to have their own meaning for the children, who will be motivated to learn more and more.

The Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) only specifies subjects to be taught at the primary education, not mentioning the kindergarten. However, Escola do Max presents some parameters yet at kindergarten. At the primary education, these parameters are more accurate and it is also applied advanced themes that you will only find here.


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