Skills development

Leadership (We help children to develop leadership, whether when they want to pull the friends for a game or to organize the group for an activity).

Creativity (Liberty to create complex projects, find solutions and experiment the new. We encourage our children to not be afraid to experiment and to learn from experiences.)

Entrepreneurism (The entrepreneur child is able to see an opportunity, to create a project, to negotiate the resources, to face the problems, and take it to the success. This is a fundamental skill for the professional future.)

Emotional intelligence (Can you imagine the great advantage of children who know what they want, know their advantages and limits, children that will not stop when faced with difficulties and understand and manage their own emotions?)

Extra courses (Computer; Judo; Ballet; Swimming classes; Capoeira; Body expression; Horticulture; Music)
Interpersonal Communication (We teach our students to know how to communicate properly and with distinguished objectives, no matter if at an important meeting or in a public speech).


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